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Post  technology tester on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:32 am

A number of gamers have criticized the AI, can you say whether the AI will be any different in the final build, as we know you've spent the extra time tweaking this facet of the gameplay since the delayed release date? A lot of gamers have also found that even on the realistic difficulty setting, the demo can be completed quite easily, can you allay their fears and confirm that the realistic setting in the full game will offer much more of a challenge?

We designed the demo with one main objective in mind: make it exciting and fun to play for as much people as possible; even for gamers who had never played Splinter Cell before but were into action games. With that in mind, we adapted the level design (less enemies, more projected texts, tutorials) as well as the AI for this demo to meet this objective. We also ran a lot of playtests and worked in conjunction with Microsoft’s people who have been really resourceful on this matter, and we feel that we found the right balance for a lot of gamer to have fun with this demo and still find it challenging.

The demo doesn’t feature the hardest enemies you’ll face in the final game. Remember, Sam will come up against more than just Black Arrow mercs (which is all you see in the demo). More capable enemies will have different levels of aggression and tactics. When you face more elite operatives in the realistic difficulty setting you will be challenged. A good example of this is when Sam goes up against other Splinter Cell agents.

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