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There are several people who have moved on to the Xbox 360 or PS3 but there are still many people who are very interested in learning how to burn PS2 Games. The PS2 is more affordable than any recent generation offerings. Burning PS2 games can save you money. There are many players' wishing to make copies of their favorite games to protect there original. In order to avoid buying a new copy of your favorite game when lost, scratched or broken, you can burn the games. Burning games only takes 20 minutes and is the best solution for any fan who wants to keep their original copy of the game safe. The steps to burning PS2 games are discussed below.

Burning games required 4 things: a game, Blank DVD media, Computer with DVD burner and DVD burning software.

First step: You should place the game into your DVD burner. The DVD burner will double as your CD-ROM. Have a non-scratched or damaged PS2 game when placing it in the drive.

Second step: You can now begin the DVD burning software. When accomplishing the task with many brands of DVD burning software, you should use DVD Decrypt-or.

Third step: You move your cursor to the tool bar.

Fourth step: Click the mode menu followed by the ISO menu and then click read option. The recent version of DVD Decrypt-or must detect automatically the source of your DVD burner.

Fifth step: Move the cursor to decrypt and then start the software. Your game will then copy to your hard drive to the preferred destination.

Sixth step: You should remove the game and replace it with your blank DVD media.

Seventh step: Again, move your cursor to the toolbar. Open the mode menu and followed by the ISO menu, then select the write option.

Eighth step: You must select the PS2 file that was copied to your hard drive and click the write option. Now, you're done!

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