Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

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Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website Empty Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Post  technology tester on Wed May 26, 2010 4:49 am

Having a mobile version of your website has become an increasingly important aspect of website designing with about one fifth of people in the United States accessing the internet through a mobile phone each and every day. And get this - your regular website will just not cut it for those mobile phones. So, if that is not reason enough for you to get a mobile version of your website up and running, take a quick second and read through this post.

Let's talk a little more about how your regular website just won't work out when it comes to people accessing the site from a mobile phone. Your traditional website is set up for a traditional web browser, and for all intents and purposes a mobile device accessing the internet does not have that same web browser quality. In other words, they are smaller, different shapes and sizes, and could possibly not be able to display your regular site.

Your mobile site should be a much more simplified version of your regular website.

Now, what about Google? It's important for you to know that Google has it's own separate index for mobile sites (this means that you have to add your site to the index just like your regular site to Google's traditional site index). So, if you create a mobile version of your website you stand a significantly better chance of showing up higher in the search rankings. With this being a relatively new index, I would suggest that you create the mobile version of your site as your competition has not yet gotten out there!

Almost every website can benefit from a mobile version of their site. However, there are several sites that benefit more than others:

1. Local and hyper-local business sites - local restaurants or other local businesses can benefit significantly from a mobile website as they can have another efficient and customer friendly way to communicate.

2. E-Commerce Sites - This is almost a given as you need to make sure that you reach your customers as easily as possible and make their lives buying your products as easy as possible.

3. News Driven Sites and Blogs - As always, you want to make sure that your viewers and audience has the most amount of up to date information as possible. The mobile site can help you accomplish this goal.

Obviously, having a great website is a great goal for every business. However, be proactive and get ahead of your competition by creating a mobile version of your website; it is the true future of businesses online!

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