Importance to Design Website for Mobile

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Importance to Design Website for Mobile Empty Importance to Design Website for Mobile

Post  technology tester on Fri May 21, 2010 4:05 am

The mobile website design is the most promising platform for several consumer driven companies. The number of mobile phone users in the world is more than 2.4 billion and out of that nearly 30% of users surf the internet on a regular basis. This is the primary reason for the increasing popularity of mobile web development in fact, many people predicts that the internet browsing will be leap over the usage of the internet browsing on the desktop.

A large number of WAP mobile users browse the internet on mobiles but are often faced with the difficulty of improper display and loading of the website.
A mobile website involves special designing and development procedures. Here are some of the points that you need to bear in mind while making mobile web site.

The most primary requirement that one needs to understand is that the web browsing on the computer and the mobile phone have huge difference. Therefore, you need to design a special website so that your customers can have a better accessibility of your website on the mobile phone. For this websites must be set on W3C.

One of the things to avoid for making good mobile website design is to not use tables in the layout as this will not look good on the mobiles. CSS gives maximum compatibility there the mobile web site made on CSS layout is better.

A mobile website can be made better with the usage of XML or XHTML coding and the character encoding set being UTF-8.
Always take into consideration that the mobile phones are available in different sizes with various sizes of screens as well. Make sure that your design is such that it works on most of the screen sizes.
The maximum size of mobile website page is 20 kilobytes and therefore it is better to fit all the content including pictures in that size.

This also makes it a challenge for you to include all the important information about your business and products is presented on top the page itself.
Most of all, take care that you design your website such that it is worth the money that the mobile users are spending for surfing your website.

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