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While Mattel and Lego brands are busy creating toys for the Toy Story 3 movie launch, Avalanche Software, owned by Disney, is scheduling the release of Toy Story 3: The Video Game set to debut a few days prior to the movie, on June 15th, 2010.
The Toy Story 3 video game will be released for the Nintendo Wii, Play station 3, and XBox360 consoles as well as the PSP (Play station Portable) and Nintendo DS systems. In the PS3 version of the game, gamers will get to choose dastardly Zurg as a playable character.
Playstation gamers are excited about the release of Toy Story 3: The Video Game because it's set to be compatible with their PlayStation Move controller, similar to the Wii controllers.
The Toy Story 3 video game will have two different gaming modes to choose from. In one, you can adhere to the traditional storyline of the movie. In the other, gamers are given the ability to choose toy box mode - and create an adventure of their choosing.
The traditional storyline for TS3 is that Andy is going away to college and he decides to keep his favorite toy - Woody - and put the others in storage in the attic. But a mishap occurs and Andy's mom throws the toys away. Alarmed, they sneak out of the trash and into a donation box headed to the Sunnyside Daycare Center. When the toys arrive, they meet a whole new set of toy characters that the daycare kids play with. Some may not have the best of intentions, either. Woody gets taken home by a daycare kid - Bonnie - and there, he learns about the real horrors of Sunnyside Daycare Center.
Thanks to Mrs. Potato Head's missing eye piece, the toys quickly realize that Andy didn't abandon them, and they agree to Woody's plan to try to make it home before Andy leaves for college. The video game creators had two viewpoints in mind for him video game - one where we see through the eyes of the toy and one where we see the toys as just that - from a people perspective.
That means the vision gives you two games in one. And like many other adventure games on the market, you can achieve goals and complete missions and unlock more perks to the game. You'll be able to unlock more toys to play with, alter the appearances of people, and custom-create your buildings.

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