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Post  technology tester on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:36 pm

Iron Man 2 is composed of nine levels of flying around, crossing checkpoints, completing timed missions, defeating baddies, and figuring out puzzles. There are also a number of achievements that are waiting to be unlocked. I've read some complaints about the game not being lengthy enough to justify its price but as someone who's been stuck on the third level for the past week, I cannot decide if that's really the case.

Yeah, the special effects are cool. Sure, the fights scenes are pretty fantastic. But action movies of the caliber of Iron Man in those regards are not uncommon; however, a movie that splices good effects with better one-liners is a diamond in the rough. Thanks to the efforts of Jon Favreau, director extraordinaire but especially Robert Downing, Jr., who apparently interjected humor into the previously-lacking script himself, Iron Man became the successful blockbuster it was.

In the words of RDJ: ""What I usually hate about these [superhero] movies [is] when suddenly the guy that you were digging turns into Dudley Do-Right, and then you're supposed to buy into all his 'Let's go do some good!' That Eliot Ness-in-a-cape-type thing. What was really important to me was to not have him change so much that he's unrecognizable. When someone used to be a schmuck and they're not anymore, hopefully they still have a sense of humor."" Amen.

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