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Post  technology tester on Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:18 am

One of the more popular genres in video games is crime movies. With colorful characters, endless scenarios for action and shoot outs and an established story line from the original film these games never fail to entertain even the most jaded of video game players. Crime movies have always had a loyal following and that tradition continues with video games made to copy the captivating scenes and trigger men from such popular crime stories as The Godfather, Reservoir Dogs, Scarface and The Sopranos. Often rated in the Teen to mature audience range these games are loaded with violence.

Why crime stories continue to fascinate large audiences is beyond debate at this point. Pop culture has been immersed in organized crime tales ever since Vito Corleone started making offers no one could refuse. Now the gaming industry is capitalizing on the unquenchable thirst gamers have for playing out their own crime fantasies from the relative safety of their own homes. Vengeance is a popular theme among crime story games and being able to act out personal revenge through games allows many people to unleash pent-up aggression.

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