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If you find yourself in a tight spot with your leveling, then a World of Warcraft Shaman leveling guide is the answer needed. Many have been there, including myself, and using a leveling guide helped us out of a situation where we couldn't achieve levels very fast. In order to get the best out of such a guide, I prepared a series of useful tips that made a difference when leveling.
The Shaman is a very, very nice class to play in PvP. Due to its great versatility it is in very high demand in any groups. Playing a Shaman and leveling it in World of Warcraft can be a bit daunting, especially for a newbie player. Making use of a Shaman guide can be vital to getting over the leveling part fast and easy. This class gave me a real headache in PvE, that is why I've put together a few tips and hints on how to manage your character for best results.
Any good guide for leveling will focus on questing as a method to level up, so it is very probable that you'll be playing solo all the time. In fact, it is better to solo when leveling up and the Shaman is perfect for this. With that in mind, the talent build anyone should go for is Enhancement. The other branches are Restoration, which focuses on heals, and Elemental which focuses on spells. Elemental is a good spec, but very mana depending so it is not a valid choice. The first talent to train when reaching level 10 is Enhancing Totems that does exactly what the name says. It will increase the efficiency of your totems. This talent builds focuses on totems and the Shamans melee power. Only spec 15 points in Restoration, this way there will be next to no downtime between kills. The talents to train in Restoration should be Improved Healing Wave (5/5), Totemic Focus (5/5) and Tidal Focus (5/5). Tidal Focus will decrease the mana needed by your heal spells thus being able to heal for longer periods of time if needed. While following a leveling guide, you'll see that the mob killing will be kept to a minimum. None the less, it is better to be on top of the situation when needed. The Shaman can dish out loads of melee damage while using this spec, thanks to those 15 points invested in the healing branch, there will be no downtime. This spec is better than any I've seen in any World of Warcraft leveling guide, just to brag a little.

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