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Post  technology tester on Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:10 am

Once again the world is in a tizz over the much heard word 'Transformers.' This time the upcoming sequel Transformers 2 "The Revenge of the Fallen" has delighted many Transformers fans (a few of them have been fans for 20 years) with the induction of many new Autobots, and Jetfire is surely one of them.
Jetfire's Japanese name is sky fire. Its alternate mode is an SR-71 black bird, which has a speed of over 2000mph, and has a record altitude flight of 85068 ft. He is rumored to possess a very prominent role in Transformers 2. He is shown many a times in the movie's trailer.
Before selection of the cast of the movie, the director initiated an online poll for the selection of the Autobots. He was the 4th most desirable Autobot in the poll to be a part of the cast of the sequel. This poll speaks of the popularity of Jetfire amongst masses, although Jetfire has since long not appeared in any of the latest Transformer series including the Transformers (2007).
John Turturro is going to voice Jetfire in this movie. He also appeared in the Transformers as Reggie Simmons. He is a well known actor, writer, and director. His immense experience will give the role of Jetfire a breathtaking effect.
Jetfire was a former Deception. The decision to change it into an Autobot was taken due to his age. One of his special abilities is to join with Optimus Prime. Optimus can fly after the fusion. The requirement of an old robot led to the induction of Jetfire into the movie. His major identification includes a cane beard and the creaking voice, which testifies to his old age.
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