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Transformers: War For Cybertron Empty Transformers: War For Cybertron

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Transformers Cyber Ron Star scream is a Deception that frequently appears in many of the Transformers series. He sometimes takes the role as leader of the flying Deception Seekers and other times he's known to be second in command under the almighty Megatron. In various instances he manages to seize complete control of the Deceptions when Megatron is killed by Optimus Prime. However Megatron always gets back to him in one way or another to regain his rightful position as leader of the devilish crew.
Starscream's only true ambition is to tackle Megatron's leadership of the Deceptions rather than follow orders. His cruelty and superior intelligence actually makes him a real threat to Megatron, but his inferior strength always leave him defeated. He thinks himself of being more modern than Megatron and often takes pleasure in criticizing him for his old-fashioned ways. Star scream obsession for speed-tactics makes him think that Megatron's brute strategy of sheer force and destruction inferior. Verbal and physical rivalries are not a rarity between the two, but these often end up with Starscream being ridiculed in front of other Deceptions.

In the animated series Transformers Cybertron Starscream was actually an Autobot who worked with Skyfire as scientists during the Golden Age. The two went on to explore planet earth and Skyfire mysteriously disappeared. When Starscream returned to Cybertron they were in plain civil war, and he decided to join the Deceptions because he thought destruction was much more exciting than his old scientific pursuits. Starscream was one of the Transformers who were trapped and frozen in earth for million years. However, thanks to a volcanic explosion the Deceptions were miraculously reactivated, Starscream along with them. Starscream mistakenly shook the Autobot base with one shot causing the Autobots to also reactivate thus the endless war between the Autobots and Deceptions continued.

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