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Post  technology tester on Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:05 am

Gaming fans and players are currently experience two years of amazing success from Nintendo and its best game video consoles Wii. On latest conference E3 we have seen some really amazing new innovations that made us all anxious to enjoy them playing. But one of the product hit the 2009 year and in its first announcement already sold millions unit, it is the Wii Motion Plus accessory which gets placed on the bottom of the Wii remote and enchants it with new features.

Thanks to that new product now your movements will be more realistic and with a nice 1:1 ratio playing new Wii Motion Plus games, will be more fun! New games will have more accurate swings of yours, you will be able to perform faster movements and now every inch of your swing will be converted into virtual one.

The new accessory provides better game play in games like sports that includes Golf, Tennis or in action games like shooting, but which new games will be the best, which one will provide players a new gaming experience thanks to new accessory? Here is the list of best games for Wii Motion Plus that has been revealed in year 2009.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 - An Electronic Arts golf sports game for Nintendo Wii providing players the ultimater golf swings, golf starts and courses that are most famous in real life golf World challenge. 27 more courses and availability of playing US open, PGA tour and many more.

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