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Post  technology tester on Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:01 am

The advent of modern consoles has dramatically changed the gaming scenario forever. These days with intense competition prevailing among companies manufacturing these consoles and also developers, who create these games, avid gaming enthusiasts are having a field day. In fact, it won't be a misnomer to say that almost everyone, right from the young to even the elderly are in game mode.

One of the reasons for the phenomenal popularity of electronic games is because of the advances made in the field of graphics and related software. Whether it is space invaders involved in a fight with aliens or superheroes battling all sorts of weird looking monsters or racing games where every odd is stacked against you, the graphics are what makes them exciting. Developers seem to be working overtime for developing these graphics. The audio quality too has to be heard to be believed. These technological advances have meant that online, as well as electronic games are becoming more popular by the day.

If one were to closely observe the history of electronic games, they have been in existence right from the time the first computer was invented. Software developers have been trying to come out with different types of games for a long time now. With advances in software technology it was not long before gaming became a specialized field with several avid gamers, who were almost always in a gaming mode, being consulted before games were designed.

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