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The traditional traversable overworld is gone, without even a static map in its place. The only shops are of the online variety, accessed from the world's plentiful save points. Towns have been reduced from destinations to superficial backdrops, and rather than interacting with the party, non-player characters simply ramble off a line or two as they pass within earshot. Most blasphemously, players are no longer simply directed to the next destination, but actively led along strict paths for the majority of the game's 50 hour length.

Those who define JRPGs by the empty space between the opening castle and the beginner's cave will consider Final Fantasy XIII a poor JRPG indeed, but declining mindshare suggests that this characterization is on its way to irrelevance. Here, Square-Enix redefines their genre, bringing an uncharacteristic sense of urgency and focus to a type of game which famously allows (and even encourages) players to save the world at their own leisure.

Regardless of genre, the holy grail for modern gaming has been to find the sweet spot between the advancement of player skills and the presentation of new challenges. Players should always feel as though they're learning and improving, but also know there are still greater challenges to be conquered. This push and pull frequently breaks down in JRPGs, where players are allowed to grind their way around difficult situations, and effortlessly bulldoze their way over fifty percent of the content. By drastically cutting the filler and introducing a tightly guided learning curve, Final Fantasy XIII has finally brought the series current with other modern genres.

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