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Post  technology tester on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:34 am

Iron Man 2 is composed of nine levels of flying around, crossing checkpoints, completing timed missions, defeating baddies, and figuring out puzzles. There are also a number of achievements that are waiting to be unlocked. I've read some complaints about the game not being lengthy enough to justify its price but as someone who's been stuck on the third level for the past week, I cannot decide if that's really the case.

The graphics of Iron Man 2 are excellent and easily on par with some of the higher-end 3D titles on the App Store. The menus are well laid-out and the text is easy to read. Although it is clearly not designed to be played in five-minute breaks, the game does resume from the last checkpoint you've reached when you quit and relaunch.

Given how amazing the experience of flying through the various locations in the game is, it was a little disappointing that there was no free roam mode. Battle-crazed villains or invisible walls are always there to keep you from exploring. The linear gameplay and short play time have frustrated some users, but I was more angered by the long load times between screens.

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