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Transformers: War for Cyber Ron Empty Transformers: War for Cyber Ron

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Ever since the first Transformer toys were marketing in 1984, they have continued to grow in popularity and nobody expected it to advance into such a great fascination for so many people. In fact, with movies and even games on the market, many individuals are now collectors in this genre. Many toys can be found that will please the fans of any age.

For younger fans, between 5 years old and 10 years old, there is a great variety of toys. The Hasbro Ultimate Transformer Bumblebee figure is one of the most wanted. Transforming from a robot into a Camaro, it offers a lot of entertainment. However, first coming out they could be purchased for around $10, while they are now considered to be a collector's toy and can cost as much as $100 or even higher. However, other Bumblebee figurines that are new can be purchased for under $30.

The Transformers Leader Megatron is another popular toy for both collectors and children. With electronic speech and a chest and eyes that light up, fans will easily be able to imagine themselves in battle. However, as this toy comes with a lot of very small pieces, it is not a suitable toy for the child under three years old. Fans can acquire this toy for under $50.

These toys listed above are just a small sample of the great Transformer toys available today. Whether you are a fan or are looking to purchase something for another, the options you will find are many. Just be sure that you understand that something purchased for $20 today may end up as a collector's item and you should consider them as possibly a very lucrative investment.
Transformers Cyber Ron Star scream is a Deception that frequently appears in many of the Transformers series. He sometimes takes the role as leader of the flying Deception Seekers and other times he's known to be second in command under the almighty Megatron.

In various instances he manages to seize complete control of the Deceptions when Megatron is killed by Optimus Prime. However Megatron always gets back to him in one way or another to regain his rightful position as leader of the devilish crew.

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