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The second iteration of the third-person shooter, in which you battle giant Akrid monsters and human pirates on the planet EDN III, is strictly for the hardcore. And preferably groups of mates who are hardcore gamers – the offline campaign can be played by four people co-operatively, and given that the AI controlling your squad-mates is distinctly dodgy, it isn't easy to play through the game on your own.

This time around, the once-snowbound planet EDN III has thawed in places – thanks to the thermal energy generated by the Akrid, which you can also harness to regenerate health. So rather than being set in uniformly Arctic conditions, missions take place in jungles and towns. Lost Planet 2 has its own jargon-ridden vocabulary, but it's really pretty uncomplicated – the missions are split into bite-sized chunks, in which you must basically pour more lead into the enemies than they pour into you – ammo is never in short supply.

There are strategic decisions to make, such as whether or not to jump into mech-suits, and it pays to take care over your route through each mission. Plus there are sequences in which you activate machinery and must keep it going for a timed period while under heavy assault – pretty exhilarating stuff.

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