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Harry, Ron and Hermione
In the book, Voldemort meets his end and Harry lives. But J.K. said Harry's survival was not always a certainty.

"In the early days, everything was up for grabs," she told USA Today. "But early on I knew I wanted Harry to believe he was walking toward his death, but would survive."
The epilogue tells us that Harry marries Ginny and has three kids. J.K. explained that this created the family and the peace and calm that Harry never had as a child.

An often asked question is what are Harry, Ron and Herione doing now? J.K. said that Harry, along with Ron, is working at the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic, and after all these years, Harry is now the department head.

"Harry and Ron utterly revolutionized the Auror Department," Rowling said. "They are now the experts. It doesn't matter how old they are or what else they've done."
Meanwhile, J.K. said that Hermione, Ron's wife, is "pretty high up" in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, despite the fact that she laughed at the idea of becoming a lawyer in the scene with Scrimgeour in Deathly Hallows.

"I would imagine that her brainpower and her knowledge of how the Dark Arts operate would really give her a sound grounding," J.K. said.

An important point for J.K. was that Harry, Ron and Hermione don't join the same Ministry of Magic they had been at odds with for years. In joining it, they revolutionize it and help evolve the Ministry into a "really good place to be."
"They made a new world," Rowling said.

Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood, the eccentric Ravenclaw who was fascinated with Crumple-Horned Snorkacks and Umgubular Slashkilters, continues to march to the beat of her own drum after leaving Hogwarts.
"I think that Luna is now traveling the world looking for various mad creatures," J.K. said. "She's a naturalist, whatever the wizarding equivalent of that is."

But she isn't completely crazy. J.K. said that Luna comes to see the truth about her father, eventually acknowledging there are some creatures that don't exist.

"But I do think that she's so open-minded and just an incredible person that she probably would be uncovering things that no one's ever seen before," Rowling said.
Luna and Neville Longbottom?

When she was first asked about the possibility of Luna hooking up with Neville Longbottom several years ago, Rowling's response was "Definitely not." But as time passed and she watched her characters mature, Rowling started to "feel a bit of a pull" between the unlikely pair.
Ultimately, Rowling left the question of their relationship open at the end of the book because doing otherwise "felt too neat."

Frank and Alice Longbottom

J.K. told the fans that, sadly, there is no chance that Neville's parents, who were tortured into madness by Bellatrix and Rudolphus Lestrange, will ever leave St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Mala dies.
"I know people really wanted some hope for that, and I can quite see why because, in a way, what happens to Neville's parents is even worse than what happened to Harry's parents," J.K. said. "The damage that is done, in some cases with very dark magic, is done permanently."
However, she said Neville finds happiness in his grandmother's acceptance of him as a gifted wizard and as the new herbology professor at Hogwarts.

Some lived, Some Died

In earlier interviews, J.K. had said that there were was a character she claims she had intended to kill in book 5, "The Order of the Phoenix," but didn't. She admits now that character was Ron's dad, Arthur Weasley.

"He was the person who got a reprieve. When I sketched out the books, Mr. Weasley was due to die in Book Five. I swapped him for someone else, and I don't want to say who for the people who haven't read it. But I made a decision as I went into writing Phoenix that I was going to reprieve Mr. Weasley and I was going to kill someone else. And if you finish the book, I expect you probably know and someone else who is a father. I couldn't bear to kill him," J.K. said.
But there were also two characters that died who J.K. had not originally planned to kill in the finale. She said, "Fred, Lupin and Tonks really caused me a lot of pain. Lupin and Tonks were two who were killed who I had intended to keep alive. It's like an exchange of hostages, isn't it?"

The future of Hogwarts

J.K. said that "McGonagall was really getting on a bit," and nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts, there is an entirely new headmaster. Also, there is a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and that position is now as safe as the other teaching posts at Hogwarts, since Voldemort's death broke the jinx that kept a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor from remaining for more than a year.

J.K. didn't clarify whether Harry, Ron and Hermione ever return to school to finish their seventh year, but she did say she could see Harry making an appearance every now and again to give the

"odd talk" on Defense Against the Dark Arts.

The Confusing Ending, and More Info To Come
And for those readers who found chapter 34, when Harry enters the forrest to face Voldemort once and for all, difficult to read, J.K. said she understands. It was extremely difficult to write,

she says -- the most difficult of all the chapters in the seven books.

"I had this enormous explosion of emotion and I cried and cried and cried," she said.
And while ending the series was also sad, it was also a bit of a relief. "It was this amazing cathartic moment – the end of 17 years' work," Rowling said of finishing the series, adding that Harry will "always be a presence in my life, really."

J.K. again confirmed she may eventually reveal more details in a Harry Potter encyclopedia, but even then, it will never be enough to satisfy the most ardent of her fans.
"I'm dealing with a level of obsession in some of my fans that W ill not rest until they know the middle names of Harry's great-great-grandparents," she said. Not that she's discouraging the Potter devotion!

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